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What is PopUP widget and why do you need it?

What is PopUp plugin? When visitor leaves your website, idea is to show more related content and try to retain them on your website. Popup widget can be show on page load or when visitor is leaveing, it is up to you to choose the trigger. Why this PopUp plugin is different then others? Aklamator will automatically populate popup widget with you content (from you website RSS feed, your YouTube channel or e.g. your instagram posts. We are not showing any third party content, you have all the control! Also, if you login to you can add additional custom content to your PopUp Widget…

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Promote your YouTube on Website

Some YouTubers were born after web revolution, and have millions of subscribers and maybe website is not important to them. But there are many web owners and companues with popular web portals, just starting to invest in their Video production. Will have free tools that can help to promote your Video content! How to promote YouTube easily? You do not have to know your Youtube channel ID, just paste one youtube link, we'll find content and automate everything! Use youtube as a Feed source for your widget! Just paste URL of your video,…

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Take control over your traffic

What will Aklamator do for you?

Welcome to our new blog! We will try to explain our service, how to use it to promote your website, but we also will have some fun and share interesting digital marketing and online tools and experience. What will Aklamator do for you? Aklamator is a set of online digital marketing tools that will help any webmaster in many different ways. It enables you to take control over your content! It can help you to: Retain your visitors¬†using PopUp widget. Every visitor will eventually want to go away and close tab with your website. It would be a very good idea to show them more…

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